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Challenge: Best Parent Hacks

Don't forget the tooth fairy!!

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So who hasn't had to come up with an excuse the morning after the dang tooth fairy forgot to come?! "She was extra busy tonight, your tooth was a super special variety and she wanted to bring the head fairy to have a look, your chimney was full of soot could you please leave the window open a crack tonight?" We've all been put on the spot. Well at least most of the parents that I know have been.

So one of my Facebook friends gave me this life hack that has saved me from experiencing these slightly awkward conversations anymore. As soon as your child loses their tooth put the money immediately under your tooth paste tube. That way (providing you brush your teeth at night ...please say you do), you will see the money right before you go to bed and be able to remind the fairy to do her job right then 😉 Shout out to Liz for the idea 😁

Please note: while this works well for loonies and toonies it leaves a bit to be desired for $20 bills .

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