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Challenge: Back to School 2021

Don't be the bear chasing the bus! "HIGH FIVE" yourself, you have three hours of sanity!

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This year my daughter was to head off to college. We did the Bed Bath and Beyond order delivered to her dorm, had the vaccines early, got the letter from the roommate who thank God seems normal, and we needed new make up apparently to attend class. So before the ordeal even started I was financially well in the hole.

I had planned that week after drop off. Time to get on that diet, join a gym, respond to emails weeks in arrears and start the declutter in all the rooms of this house, and I work full time. You ALL know where I am going with this.

Then the letter came.

"Congratulations incoming student, welcome. We are offering virtual classes starting in the Fall and will re access for Spring Break."

"What, are you out of your mind! Have you not taken in to consideration my state of mind, and the desperate need to take this student and congratulate her in person. Why are teachers in elementary and secondary school in person and you want me to send you a check for $43,000.00 to you to then have her instructed in my kitchen and her professors in their home?"

Not happening. You make your friends freshman year, you toy with joining a sorority, you go to the football games, you take the art class when you find out someone from the football team is the model for extra money, you learn to budget the $$50.00 per week your parents give you for incidentals, you sleep without the lawn mower rolling by your window when your father is furious he is mowing and not you.

So to the parents who have the luxury of the kids going back, think of me. High five yourself when the bus rolls down the street. That's 3 hours or more to yourself!

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