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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Don't be a maskhole

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Don't be a maskhole.

How about that as the new 'golden rule'?

Know someone more comfortable wearing one? Let 'em.

Know someone who ain't? Let 'em.

In the same way that you're (hopefully) not going to tell your coworker they can't eat tuna for lunch because you can't stand the smell,

or your mom that she can't call you her baby because your biscuit now be grown,
don't tell anyone what to do when it comes to masking (or not) up.


I'm team wear a dang mask, and I'm fully vaccinated.

But my kids aren't. And neither are yours or theirs.

And so, based on my impression of the facts, masks *might* very well keep our youngsters healthy.

That being said, I get that this *might* might not do it for you and that, in your opinion, there may not be enough of a risk or a good enough reason for you to feel the need to restrict yourself or your child from enjoying a mask-free lifestyle.

It's not for me to make anyone else's decisions.

It's also not for me to judge them.

Do you know what is for me?

Doing me, for me, for mine, and letting every other human on this planet do the same for his and hers.

Life is hard enough with so many of us divergent on many critical and noncritical issues that one way we can make it easier on ourselves and each other is to remember that we are our BEST selves when we don't spotlight our differences but respect and love each other despite them.

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