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Challenge: Halloween Parade

The Boy Who May Not Be Wearing a Costume

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My name is Amos.
I have autism.
I am going trick or treating.
I may or may not be wearing my costume.
It depends on my mood.
My brothers want me to be a shark.
My sister wants me to be R2D2.
Hmmm, I'm thinking.
I have a week to decide.
I'm almost four years old and just learning to talk.
I am already practicing saying, “Trick or Treat.”
Evidently, I'm supposed to say it and you're to produce candy.
I like candy.
I can say chocolate and smell my feet.
I'll do my best to remember the trick or treat part.
I'm not so good at eye contact yet.
This thing called autism is a process, my mommy says.
Will you smile at me anyways?
Maybe give me two pieces just for being me?
Keep an eye out for my friends too.
Some of them aren't big talkers yet either.
Happy Halloween!



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