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Challenge: Open Discussion

Did I miss that invite to the "You're A Parent Now" Bookstore??

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Parenthood is more about the kids than it is the parents because we're going to screw up no matter what. Why isn't there a bookstore like at college where you can go and everything you possibly need to know about raising a child will be there? Have PPD? There's your book. Kid had a seizure? That book is right here. Daughter is being picked on in 3rd grade? Read this. Son will only eat fruit, no vegetables? Here's a list of every fruit and also vegetables that are technically fruits. Kid won't sleep through the night - try this expert book from the sleep whisperer. Teenager has Lyme Disease symptoms but no one will believe you? Well - THAT book I hope to write someday to add to this pretend library of parenting must-reads. The list could go on. I just remember going to "The Bookie" in college and it had everything I needed to get through those 4 years. Moms and dads could use a bookstore like that. Just sayin.

That's all - just wishful thinking. I always tell my kids, "Well, you didn't come with a handbook when you came out so we're learning as we go!"

Add a coffee stand, wine bar and pedicure station to this imaginary bookstore and I'd be there with all my mom friends in minutes!

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