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Delectable Cakes to make a Birthday Extra Special

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0f3c0ec41c6f12c003a4f59b51bc499f6b47c592.jpgOne has to thank technology for making such things possible! Imagine, residing in any corner of the world, but being able to forward a yummy cake to a loved one in India on his/her birthday! All that the online delivery shop requires is specifications about the type of cake required, date and time of delivery, and address of the receiver. Once the giver pays for the order, the establishment named CaketoIndia just takes over, leaving no stone upturned to make an impressive delivery.

The Strawberry Flavor
The very sight of a melt-in-the-mouth, strawberry cake should suffice to gladden the receiver’s heart! If one could permit the imagination to soar, one would see a heart-shaped delicacy with two icy garlands, one on top and the other at the bottom, enhancing its beauty. Interspersed with luscious strawberries, the upper garland would surround a large crystal in the centre with an inverted red rose lying on it!
Alternatively, the giver may opt for a traditional, round-shaped cake, iced with white or colored roses.

Delightfully Chocoholics
Ask any one, young or old, if he/she disliked chocolates. The answer would be a vehement, “No”! Therefore, if the giver desired to make an online birthday cake delivery in Hyderabad, he/she would do well to opt for oh-so-gooey, oh-so-soft chocolate as the main ingredient! Whether the choice narrows down onto an egg-less chocolate cake or an egg-less chocolate truffle cake, it does not matter. This company’s bakers are so skilled that their recipes encourage people to gobble up the entire cake within minutes, even if it is half-a-kg or 1 kg in weight! At the end of the hogging session, one is left licking the fingers and fervently wishing for more!

Mysterious Black Forest
It is just amazing how the sight of Black Forest cake makes one forget one’s table manners! After all, there are four layers to get through! One just plunges the fingers into a mouth-watering concoction of whipped cream, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate shavings and cherries, arranged in four layers.

As one gorges on it, one may muse upon the cake’s history. It derives its name from a complicated German word, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Gateau). In simpler language, the dark chocolate represents the traditional black dress worn by women residing in the Black Forest region (There is a deep and dark forest by the same name too, in Germany.). The cream stands for the white blouse, while the cherries represent red pom-poms.

Other Cakes
This is not all, for there are other flavours in cakes too. For those, who have a weakness for the utterly buttery taste, a Butterscotch cake should prove to be a splendid gift. Pineapples only serve to make the goodies sweeter! The health-conscious may love fruitcakes, while the never-change-my-taste receiver may prefer a vanilla offering. Finally, there is the blueberry cake, which may prove to be an unusual, yet, noteworthy choice.
If the gift is to seem even more special, it may have the company of chocolates, flowers, soft toys, etc.

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