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Dear Target, I hate you...

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Dear Target,

I hate you.

I’m sorry, maybe that was a little too harsh and not entirely true, but…

I do hate you.

I hate you so much I love you.

Let me explain.

I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that every time I walk in your doors Starbucks is happening. I’m cool with that. Hi-five for that by the way. It’s half of the reason I love you so much.

I’ve also already done the hard work of bypassing your adorable and totally affordable $3 bins that greet me upon entering. It took some time. I mean I did buy a whole lot of learning games and activities at the end of August forgetting that I don’t homeschool and really never use any of it, but I’ve made peace with it and have taken a solemn vow to myself not to buy every precious, inexpensive thing you show me.

But your toddler girl clothing section is my kryptonite.

It makes me weak and I hate you for it.

I steel myself up not buy anything and yet every time you manage to one up yourself.

Take yesterday for example.

I didn’t even know I liked Victorian era frilly lace and brocaded dresses and pleats, but I guess I do!

That black velvet coat with silk burgundy lining and gold detailing…

I almost had a heart attack.

Please…please…PLEASE, let it be really ridiculously expensive.


Gosh, Target! Thanks a lot. Now, I had to have it! But, I couldn’t…you didn’t have my size. So, my daughter will get this gorgeousness.

I need your help, Target. I need you to have a store employee stand guard and pass out eye shields or something for passing by this section.

Maybe you could just take that whole section and put it in a trailer out back and you have to answer a series of questions before purchasing anything, like…

*Doesn’t your daughter already own a black coat?


*Is this some deep seeded therapy for the handmade polka dot shorts you wore growing up?

I don’t know the answer!

But, I do know that as long as you continue to rock my corneas with plush fabrics and insanely endearing designs, I’m in trouble!!


Mom who loses all self-control around darling children’s apparel

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