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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

'Love deeply, be quick to serve': A letter to my sons

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Dear Sons,

Be kind. Encourage others

Enjoy people’s differences more than their similarities.

Find the inner joy in people and draw it out.

Show people the love of God, but not at the expense of pushing them away.

When someone wrongs you, face it head on and don’t hold grudges.


Beware of legalism – it can be subtle.

Bitterness will eat you alive, steal your future. When you feel it, explore it, talk about it, find the healing.

Search for contentment and its meaning.

Learn compassion for with it comes greater understanding

Don’t be a victim to your circumstances.

Enjoy adventures!

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Don’t let fear rule you. Fear will come – embrace courage and calmness.

Stay active.

Be honest. With your self first and then others.

Choose to be vulnerable even at the expense of hurt.

Don’t imprison yourself in unhealthy vows. But be true to healthy vows based in liberty and Love.

Respect adults.

Think the best of people.

You will make mistakes. It’s okay, don’t give up.

Be the first to say I’m sorry.


Never stop learning.

Read the Bible. Let God show you who He is.

Always be open to new friends.

Don’t change for anyone. Put yourself around people who accept you for who you are.

Be quick to serve.

Love deeply.

Above all know God loves you and holds you in his hand!

Together we will learn these, as a team.

Love Mom and Dad!


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