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Challenge: Get organized!

Dear New Year, I Just Want Clean Closets And Cake.

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I know errrrbody is making resolutions or profound anti-resolutions, and I’m just over here trying to swap out all the kids’ mismatched socks with their new ones.


I’ve got a pile of old clothes stacked up in the bathroom waiting to be bagged for giveaway and a dresser piled high with stuff that needs a new home.

And as these run-on days after Christmas keep reminding me time is in no way subject to speeding up or slowing down, I figure I’ll take a moment of it and share my list of to-do’s for today.

Let’s see, first, I really want to figure out how to get organized without it requiring me to set aside any time to organize, and I want to figure out how to drop a pants size and still eat cake. And cheese.

I want to get my kids to obey and respect each other, without yelling or having to apologize for raising my voice just trying to get them ready and out the door.

I want a closet full of comfy, trendy close and a dresser full of new, neatly folded undies.

I want to contribute more financially and give more generously while investing and saving plenty of money.

I want to volunteer and check on more friends and put down my phone and just. be. present.

I want to grow in wisdom, grow God’s Kingdom and show my family there’s a better way.

Yes. All of that.

But since today I only have so much time, I’m committing to these two things:

1. Loving God: Reading His plans. Talking to Him and teaching about Him. Listening to Him. Worshipping Him.


2. Loving His People: Caring for my family. Caring for my neighbors. Learning about my world. Taking care of me.

That about sums up the big things all my little things add up to each and every day.

And no matter if the calendar says it’s this year or the next, I’m going to give it all my very best effort.

Today. Tomorrow. And the day after that.

So, new year, we see you.

And we’re ready.

Cheers, friends!! I’m cheering you on.

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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