Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Dear Mom - I'm so thankful you're living to see the day

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“I pray I live to see the day you’re a mama.”

Mom said that to me at least three times a week from the time I was old enough to complain and roll my eyes. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t let me say that or do that or wear that or hang out with those people. I questioned most things because clearly I knew everything and wasn’t a baby anymore (ah, youth).

A funny thing happened when I became a mama almost three years ago – I started to understand. I saw her in a new light and yes, apologized numerous times for putting her through 24+ hours of labor and the sass I freely doled out from 8th grade to age 25. When we welcomed our son into this world last month and suddenly I was Mama to two under three I finally understood.

I finally understood her. I thought about her as a young mama and how she also learned to live on little sleep during the newborn days of nursing around the clock. How she worked through fussy spells and poop problems and debated when was the right time to take us as babies to church. I thought about how she was a working mom who had to learn to do all the things without family nearby. I realized how she probably celebrated each milestone with a tinge of sadness for time passing too quickly.

Motherhood is an incredible blessing but let’s be real, it’s incredibly challenging and exhausting. From the moment you are blessed to wear the title “Mother” millions of questions fill your brain 24/7.

What do I do?

Is he getting enough milk?

Why is he so gassy?

Am I doing enough?

Is applesauce and a handful of goldfish an acceptable meal for a toddler?

Why am I talking about poop so much?

Are they happy?

Will I ever eat a hot meal again?

Is she getting enough attention now that she’s not the baby anymore?

When can I start time out?

I am so thankful to have my mom by my side to help me not only navigate it all but also lighten the load. Living down the street from my parents is a blessing not lost on me and having a mom who is willing to be present makes all the difference. There is no limit to her love and I am forever thankful for how she loves on me – and our little family – with such tenacity and grace.

So Mom, thank you.

Thank you for texting to check on how I was feeling every day of my pregnancy and those first few weeks after coming home.

Thank you for buying me postpartum friendly and pretty pajamas and loungewear for Christmas because you knew I would need them this year – and yes, I live in them.

Thank you for being there for Ollie’s delivery and bringing me my favorite takeout immediately after because you knew I was starving.

Thank you for buying a special boy baby doll for Annie to have and practice big sister-ing on so she felt extra special while we were in the hospital.

Thank you for making lunch every single Sunday – while also teaching a class and planning countless showers at church – and either bringing it over to our house or asking us to come there because you know we aren’t ready to take Ollie in public just yet.

Thank you for volunteering to take Annie for the afternoon when you know I need a shower and a nap.

Thank you for doing countless loads of laundry and cleaning countless sink-fulls of dirty dishes in half the time it would take me. (serious super powers)

Thank you for telling me to breathe when you know I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you for playing with the kiddos so I can run errands.

Thank you for missing church and watching baby Ollie so I can go.

Thank you for telling me you didn’t always know what to do either but prayer got you through.

Thank you for calling me from Target or Kroger or Hobby Lobby to see if I need anything.

Thank you for volunteering, along with Dad, to watch the kids most Friday nights so we can have a date night.

Thank you for loving Annie and Ollie so well.

Thank you for still being my mom while also being the best Nana.

Thank you for telling me I’m a good mama.

Thank you, Mom, for all you do for me and my husband. Thank you for loving our little darlings so, so much. Thank you for making everything so much fun. Thank you for helping bear the load of motherhood. And thank you for being my mom. I’m so thankful you’re living to see the day I’m a mama because I wouldn’t be half the mama I am without you.


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