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Dear Husband, Thank You For Being There

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Dear husband,

Tonight, when I found out some potentially disappointing news and you told me to believe, I felt you had my back.

Tonight, when I was about to break down into a full out adult-meltdown right in front of the kid, you told me that you wanted to help me.

Tonight, when I felt like my depression was starting to surface and I was going to break apart, you held me close and told me that you're right here for me. Always.

Tonight, when I starting going down the slope of negativity, you told me to trust in myself.

Tonight, when I started losing faith in myself, you told me to trust in my abilities.

Tonight, when I started feeling like I will never amount to anything, you told me that I'm special, educated, and passionate.

It can be so difficult for me to keep faith in myself; to believe in myself.

It can be equally as easy for me to compare myself to others and convince myself that I'm not good enough, or strong enough, or clever enough.

But you, for you, it's so easy to believe in me. It's so easy for you to know my worth. It's so easy for you to love me completely and entirely.

I envy your ability to see things through your eyes - realistically and pragmatically. I'm so sensitive and easily brought down. But not you. You have a strength I only wish I had; the same strength that you see in me, but that I often fail to notice.

When my depression starts to creep its way through, you're right there, making sure I know I can come to you when I need to. When my depression tries to knock me down, you remind me how much you love me and how important I am to you and this family. When I start to cry, you remind me that it's okay to feel the way I'm feeling; that it's only a minor set back and that I just need time.

You take the picture I need you to take. You read the words I need to write. You listen to the silence I need to have.

We are far from being the perfect pair, but when it matters most, we're as right as rain.

You're my best friend and I love you.

With Love,

Your wife

This piece was originally written on Facebook

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