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Dear Hubs, I'm sorry I don't always look the greatest

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Dear Hubs,

I am sorry.

That more often than not, my hairy legs resemble a tiger’s back.

That most days you see me in gym clothes, a.k.a. my stay-at-home mom uniform.

That on the rare occasions that I do get dressed in “real clothes” they are typically the same three outfits on rotation.

That I typically smell like poop, vomit, boogers or just “yuck”.

That I have not worn a “real bra” in five years.

That my hair is almost always in a ponytail and a messy one, at that.

That sometimes I am already in my pajamas, make-up free and grumpy by the time you arrive home.

BUT, there are a few things I am not apologizing for.

I am not sorry I put our children first and that I get to tend to and love on our babies when their desire for Mommy cuts my shower and leg-shaving sessions short.

I am not sorry that wearing gym clothes means I am spending quality time playing, getting messy with, and teaching our three children.

I am not sorry I am meeting all of our children’s needs, even when it means I am neglecting some of my own.

I am not sorry my chest may resemble more of a valley than a peak these days because at least that means all three of our children received an adequate amount of Mommy’s milk.

I am not sorry I now care less about what other people think of my appearance and am more focused on the person I am on the inside.

I am not sorry that sometimes being in my cozy clothes means I am content staying inside my happy home.

You see, things sure have changed since we met.

We’ve grown up, our appearances have changed, our jobs have changed and where we call home has changed more than once.

We’ve gone from one beautiful baby to two, to three, and through it all, our love for one another has stayed constant.

Still, hun, I am sorry.

I am sorry our lives and relationship have turned out different from expected—it’s even better isn’t it?

Love, The Wifey

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