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Dear Hoda... I Broke Too. Sending My Love To You Too.

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Dear Hoda,

I was watching your tears on the TV this morning and wanted to let you know I broke too. My day was Day 12. I wrote this the day that I broke and shared my picture on my Instagram account. I am usually the most happy and positive person, much like you are. But I know that I am not unbreakable. We all break and I hope you know we are not broken. We will heal. I received over 100 messages from my personal friends and it was so amazing to know that I am not alone and neither are you. Here was what I wrote and I hope you find comfort knowing you aren't alone either.

Day 12: Today was the day I broke.

I broke today. I broke all the rules. I cried. I got frustrated. I broke down because I am feeling the stress and the weight of...well, everything. My head was spinning and so was the day. My husband tried his best to put me back together. Encouraging me with words and affirmations that this will be ok. That we are in uncharted waters, navigating blindly. Kids, work, school, life.... The kids are healthy, so are we, and that’s all that matters right now. And he’s right ❤️

Today I forgot that I am only one person. But not in this alone. I feel I am typically a mentally strong person. Encouraging others and usually setting goals and crushing them. But not today. Everyone has their day. Today was mine.

To my friends who let me cry. Thank you. I’m sure I’m not the only one today. Day 12. The day it finally hit me. Feeling this way for a million and one reasons. I’m sure we all are. So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. With less tears, more smiles and more understanding. I must understand that I know I’m doing my best. We all are. And that’s all I ever ask of my kids- to try their best. So I guess I will too. ❤️


Sending you all my love Hoda, today. Tomorrow is a new day. We will get through this together.



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