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Dear Fitness Coach: I love you

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Last September, I very hesitantly took a trial class at a gym thanks to the constant encouragement to do so from my brother and his wife.

I gave them all my reasons -- which my brother touted as my "excuses" (he was right, but don't tell him) -- as to why I couldn't add time at the gym to my already jam-packed schedule.

I have no time.

What if the kids are sick or the school calls and I'm mid-workout?

If I workout and take the time to shower after, I'll have no time to get anything else done before half-day pick-up for my littles.

If I add this in my day, I'll have less time to write.

It's just not the right time for me.

But, then, one day, despite all of my reasoning on why I shouldn't and couldn't, I went, and I was hooked.

I am hooked.

And, there are only a few people to thank for that -- my brother and his wife, of course, who turned me on to it, and the coaches and trainers who are the reason I go back, typically four to five days a week.

Here's my "thank you" to the coaches at my gym and a general "thank you" to all fitness instructors who do way more for your clients in the time you have with them than you will ever know.

Dear Fitness Coach,

We both know that I love you and I hate you.

And when I say I hate you, we both know that you know that I don't mean it, but that I also ain't too fond of all those burpees and "all-outs" you inflict upon me.

But, do you know what else you deliver to me more than exhaustion and a little bit of good pain?


And, inspiration.

If you had asked me pre-September if I could see myself as a regular gym-goer, I would have told you "Heck, no!"

But, now, I drag my tired post-three kids droopy booty to your gym doors three to five times a week because you make me feel good.

There's not a human being that walks into your facility that doesn't walk out feeling stronger -- physically or mentally -- the latter of which is just as important.

Not every gym and surely not every fitness company makes it a point to work out "the whole person" of their client, and I think that is the key.

On any given day, when I go to a class, there is a trainer open to getting to know me on a more personal level.

A trainer periodically offering up stellar nuggets of wisdom in between exercises.

A trainer who reminds me to "BREATHE."

A trainer who pushes me beyond what I think my limits are, but also accepts my limits as my line in the sand and works with that.

A trainer who knows that my time is valuable and therefore never wastes it, and heck, even thanks me on my way out for spending some of my moments with them.

A trainer who may or may not know, that in my eyes, he or she is helping me shape more than my body, and that they regularly also give my mind and heart a workout.

I never knew that exercise would be and feel so therapeutic, just like I never expected writing would either.

But they are, and perhaps, that's why I've become semi-obsessed with both.

Working out with leaders, who you have no doubt want the best for you, it allows for you to, post-workout, go out into the world and give your best to your family, your children, your job, yourself and your life.

Adding a fitness plan to the busy life that is raising three kids and running my own business seems like an impossible feat; but, it isn't.

If anything, my visits to gym and my time with you all -- the coaches -- it leaves me feeling like I can accomplish anything, and for that, I am indebted to you and extremely grateful.

You call yourself a fitness coach, but I'm not sure that title does you justice.

You are so much more, and because of you, I am becoming so much more.

So, thanks and I'll see you tomorrow.

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