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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Dear Daughters: A Good & Gracious Friend Includes Others

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Dear Daughters:

The other day, you drew a beautiful card to one of your friends and my heart felt gratitude and joy when you wrote, "You're the best ever" with a picture of the two of you playing together.

You lifted her up with your words. That card was so thoughtful.

You see, there are many people who simply need a friend and to feel like they belong.

One of the most valuable lessons you'll learn in life is to include others in your circle and into your very life.

People will always be new at some point in your life and will need someone to welcome them. People always need a good friend, too.

It's important to also invite those who are outsiders, misfits, or those who don't look or talk like you. Even those who speak a different language. When you include them in, you're showing them love in a tangible way.

When you ask them questions about themselves, smile at them, acknowledge their presence, remember what they love, play with them on the playground, invite them into your home, introduce them to other people, and more you're being a good and gracious friend.

When you include and invite others in, you're showing selflessness. You understand that this world isn't all about you. It's about giving to others.

When you include others in, you might just change in the process too. You'll find there's no greater joy than to serve someone else.

Love you,


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