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Dear Cinderella,

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I just saw your newest movie and I had to write and tell you how much my children and I loved it! I of course knew how the ending would play out, but I loved experiencing it through mature eyes. You looked absolutely stunning in your blue, Fairy Godmother designed gown. How it spun around when you danced I will never forget! You couldn't have looked a bit more in love as you twirled with your Prince Charming on the ballroom floor. I was so happy for you. As a mother, I was proud of the good and gentle spirit you had maintained despite your circumstances. What wise advice your beautiful mother left you with; "be courageous and be kind". And how wise of you for listening and always remembering her words. I left the theater feeling all bubbly and silly and in love. Then...a little smirk came about my face as well and I was happy that your step-sisters and evil srep-mother, lets say "broke you in". Cinderella, as your years with Prince Charming continue together, you must always do your best to remember and follow your mother's advice; "be courageous and be kind".

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon. I hope you went somewhere warm? I understand that when it's "true love" time doesn't matter, but if you had asked me I would have told you your courtship seemed a little short. I prayed you wouldn't notice any odd or unusual hygiene rituals on your honeymoon that you weren't expecting? I do keep forgetting that you're in that stage where everything he does seem cute and sweet! What about the odd way he brushes and flosses his teeth? Don't worry, it will get to you. Remember Cinderella, "be kind".

What are your plans after the honeymoon? What exactly does "Happily Ever After" look like? I'm sure you look forward to cooking delicious meals for him night after night and tidying up the house and doing his laundry so he can come home and relax in the evenings after a long day of being King. I think I'm a little too mouthy to be the wife of a King. I actually think I'm a little too mouthy to be a wife at all sometimes. Does he like to go away on "guys' trips" yet? You know, to blow off steam? I'm sure he will soon, if not yet. Doesn't he like hunting? Something's in season all the time, you know. If it's not elk or deer it might be football, basketball, or baseball. I know you'll miss first. It's hard to believe this now, but at one point you'll look forward to your own peace and quiet while he's gone....until he leaves you alone with all your children that is. Then, you will feel a little mad or jealous or even for a split second not really care if he comes home at all! "Be kind", Cinderella.

The King seems like a really structured, organized kind of guy. I bet that feels really nice and secure right now. Always knowing where he'll be and precisely what and when you're going to be doing "said" activity with him. That lack of spontaneity may kill you in a few years though. You think his jokes are cute and funny now don't you? Wait till you hear them over, and over, and over again. "Be courageous and be kind."

I can't tell you how excited you will be one day when you find out you will be a mother! Talk about magic! Your waist will go from 28 inches to 44 in what seems like overnight! Your beautiful, milky white skin will stretch to its limit and before your eyes purple, iridescent, vertical stripes will appear! You will get those breasts you had hoped for in high school but will soon find out however, that they really just act as a counterweight for your butt so you don't fall backward all day. Just a warning Cinderella, you will also become very sensitive and irrational and convinced that songs such as 'Baby's Got Back' were written about you. This is normal and remember; "be courageous".


Ten years from now, after your third, precious baby is born, your beautiful hair will usually be found dirty and in a sloppy bun on the top of your head. You'll wake up exhausted, having been up every 2 hours all night nursing the baby, and head towards your life blood, the coffee pot. Your middle child will see you and holler for a chocolate milk. Your oldest will want help finding her favorite jeans and ask why you wear purple eye-shadow under your eyes. That together with your husband's complaining that his back is a little sore from sleeping all night long in one position will make you want to yell "if your nipples aren't bleeding and your butt's not flipped inside out, I'm really not in the mood to hear it right now". You will only be refrained by remembering your mother's sweet advice and head on to the coffee pot like you're deaf and dumb, skills you've mastered over the years. There is a plus Cinderella, by the time you have your third child you can doze off in the rocking chair at night, barely slumped forward and still nurse the baby lying in your lap. I'm not joking, the equipment will reach. "Be courageous and be kind." There is a woman named Victoria and she has a Secret.

I don't want to sound like a 'downer' Cinderella, I just want you to be prepared and not misled by the Fairy-tale world you live in. However, before I end my letter I have to tell you about the "Fairy" parts!

I know you've seen pumpkins turn into stagecoaches and mice into horses but I can't wait for you to see the "magic" that I've seen. You see, I've had center stage on the day each of my children were born. I was the first person to touch each one of their faces since being touched by the hands of God! Their skin is so soft Cinderella, you have to look with your eyes to make sure you're even touching it. There will be nights when you're up all alone with this child and you'll be afraid that your heart might just burst with love. But "have courage", it won't.


Sophia Grace


Harrison Michael


Haley Kathryn

Over the years, you and your Prince Charming will suffer losses and celebrate joys. I pray that with every one, when you look around, he'll be right there beside you like mine has been. There's a good chance he will have his arm around you, telling you one of his stupid jokes trying to make you laugh and feel better, and guess will. When you're needing a rest but there is so much to do, I hope your Type A Prince lovingly says to you, "it's done or scheduled to be completed this afternoon", go lie down. When you can't imagine him not being there when you look around during your next high or low, "be courageous", I pray he will.

And lastly, when your Fairy Godmother shows up at your front door offering a post-baby, full-body makeover, I hope you gratefully decline. You will be tempted I promise, but if you accept Cinderella, your little boy inside playing will forget to ask to hear the story. You know, the one where you first think he's teasing you when he asks you why you have stripes across your hips and belly? But then like every other time you remember; he just wants to hear the story about how you loved him even before you knew him. You'd miss his smiles when you told him he was practicing somersaults and jumping jacks inside there and that's what striped your belly.

Cinderella, I pray you have a wonderful "Tale" to tell but I hope it's not too "Fairy". If you don't have to work for it, you'll have nothing to be proud of really. If you don't run into your weakness, you won't have something to improve. I'm even afraid that if you don't have some "lows" you'll take all your "highs" for granted and even miss out on the joy you can find when you are down there. So with all my love Cinderella, I'm praying that you have a beautiful "Tale", with just the normal amount of "Fairy", just like the rest of us. I would hate for you to miss out on a wonderful life just because the "normal" you are living isn't the "Fairy-tale" you thought it was supposed to be!

With love and sweet thoughts until I write again, Susan

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