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Challenge: Life Changes

Dear Children, Please don’t tell me you’re gay.

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My Dear Children;

Please, don’t tell me you’re gay.

Please don’t have this ache in your head, a pit in your stomach or a fear in your heart; just to tell me - you are YOU!

Please don’t sit there and dwell for days, weeks, or months on end. Don’t even waste a full minute of a thought on what I might think, or how *I* might feel. Because sweet child; all that matters is how YOU feel, and more importantly how someone else makes you feel.

Now, I understand that the process of Coming Out is a great deal and can be a very important piece of it all. So if you feel it is crucial for you to tell me, then by all means, tell me. Because if it is important to you, I of course want to hear it.

I say “don’t come out” or “don’t tell me you’re gay”, because I don’t expect you to. Just as I wouldn’t expect you to tell me you’re straight.

I want you to feel comfortable bringing someone home and just say “Mom, I want you to meet _____, they are my girl/boyfriend/partner, and we’ve been dating for a little while.”

I will respond with “Nice to meet you _____, sit down and relax while I make us all some lunch.” And then I will make you both lunch, and get to know you two as a couple and your partner as a person.

If someone loves you, I love them. That’s the bottom line.

And if you find someone who loves you with all their might, someone who would step infront of a train for you, someone who supports your wildest dreams, and your most challenging days. You find that person, that someone who looks forward to seeing you at the end of the day? That is what I care about.

But one day you may learn, the hardest part about being a parent is learning the awful fact of, one day I will not be here to care for you.

You will be grown and old and I will be long gone from this earth.

So Sweet Child, you find someone who will care for you when I no longer can? You find someone who can give you all the strength, will and power when you feel you have none? You find someone who can give you the stars served on the moon- then my child, YOU hold them so tight and never let them go.

And for me, as your mother, I don’t give one ounce of crap what gender/ race or any other pointless label, that person is. I care that they take care of YOU!

I’m always on Team You, and the more people who support, rally and cheer on Team You, is all the better to me.






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