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Dear Athletes, Our Kids Are Watching

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Dear Professional Athletes,

Please choose your words carefully. Our children are watching.

While you may not have asked for the public eye and platform, you certainly are front and center. Your words are splashed all over the TV and Internet and video clips are heard around the world. Our children are mimicking your every move in hopes to be just like you one day.

We can agree that the media is primarily responsible for the explosion of controversy. After all, they are catalysts for drama. Their sole focus is on likes, shares, comments, and all things online engagement. They are not concerned with the impact the strife will have on little ones. But you should be.

The future generation is counting on you to pave the way. Yes, please stand firm in your beliefs and stand up for what is right. But be careful not to do so at the expense of compromising the game our youth have grown to love. Sometimes choosing to model superior character means respectfully agreeing to disagree. Even when it’s difficult.

You are living an incredible journey that so few get to, but with it comes great responsibility. You have an opportunity to share your story. To share your unique lens on the world around you. To highlight the amazing people you meet day in and day out. To use your voice to do good for others during their time of need. Your potential to make a positive impact is tenfold in comparison to those of us outside of the limelight.

My hope is that you’ll work to not get caught up in the emotion when being asked difficult questions and that you’ll represent the regions you serve with integrity and humility. Please think extra carefully about your actions and words, especially on the field and during media press releases. It is difficult as a parent to explain controversial actions and topics to our children when we so desperately want to shield them from the disconnect and anger.

You are guaranteed to touch the lives of many children. I pray it comes from a place of love rather than personal motive and agenda.


A Concerned Momma


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