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Crucial Things You Must Know Before Taking Your Child Hiking

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Everyone who hikes should consider taking their child along one day. You won’t be able to push yourself to your limits, but it will still be a fantastic day. When you’re walking for hours you’ll get to have a deep bonding session with them.

Before you leave on your wild adventure there are a few things you should bear in mind. Forget about them and the day could turn into a disaster. I’m sure you’ll be completely fine, but let’s look at the big ones just in case.

1. You Should Layer Their Clothes

I doubt you’ll drag your child out in the middle of winter, but summer can still be troublesome. You don’t really know what the weather will be like until you get out there. Your child should be wearing layered clothes.

It will keep them warm when it’s chilly outside. Also, you should pack a few layers in your backpack in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. Keep a hat and gloves stored away for emergencies.

2. Take Lots Of Water With You

After you’ve hiked a few times you’ll have a good idea how much water you drink every hour. It’s easy for adults to plan those kinds of things out in advance. The rule book goes out the window when your kid comes along.

They might drink like a fish because they’re so tired. If you don’t take enough water you’ll eventually run out. Take a LifeStraw with you and you’ll always be able to supply them with something to drink.

3. Carry A Selection Of Snacks

Hikers don’t necessarily care about the food they eat on the trails. You want anything that will give you enough energy to keep pushing forwards. I’m sure your child would prefer to eat something a little tastier.

Ask them what they’d like to eat before you leave home. Treat it like a picnic and they’ll be really happy. If you’re feeling adventurous carry the equipment required to cook hot meals for a change.

4. Invest In The Right Footwear

You might have to invest in hiking gear for your child. If so, pay special attention to the footwear because it’s essential. Once your child gets sore feet they’ll start asking you to stop every 5 minutes.

Keep in mind, they might not even require boots. When wearing them for the first time all sorts of things can go wrong. You’ll need to make a judgement call depending on where you’re going to be hiking.

5. Safety Is Your Main Priority

If you want something extravagant like trekking in Nepal, you must know it’s a great choice for people of all ages, especially for children, but you still need to be careful. You can hire a Sherpa from an authorized agency, specially trained to work with children. Safety must be your number one priority because your child is there. Give someone all the details about your trip.

If you accidentally hurt yourself you might need them to rescue you. Tell your child to stick by your side at all times. Don’t let them wander off on their own in case they step somewhere they shouldn’t.

They Might Want To Join You All The Time

There is a chance your child will love the adventure, so they’ll be begging you to take them out all the time. Thankfully, it won’t take long until they’re capable of going on much longer hikes.

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