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Creating the perfect winter atmosphere for your kids

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Winter is the perfect time of the year to gather your family and spend the most beautiful moments. This is the reason why you will have to think in advance what kind of activities to plan for your dear ones, especially for your children who must be extremely excited about the Christmas time and the winter altogether. Snowflakes, sitting by the wood burning stoves, all the gifts, the New Year’s Eve – these are things that people expect the most during winter. Entertaining kids during this time and setting up a pleasurable, Christmas-like atmosphere is not that easy as people may think. You will have to put in some effort regarding decorations, the food you are going to prepare, the gifts you are going to buy – they all will have an effect on the atmosphere you are building. Here are some tips that can help you out with creating the perfect winter atmosphere for your little ones and your family.


If staying in the city…

In the case that you are going to spend the winter in your hometown, there are plenty of activities you can try and a large number of things to do. Start by decorating. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decorating a house for the winter. This is the reason why you should put your personality into it rather than seeking for inspiration in other places. It will be much easier if you choose everything yourself and accept the final result as is yours, not some design you saw in a magazine and you tried to imitate. Go to the nearest store and buy all the decorations you feel like would suit your home. After that, gather your kids and friends around and start putting each and everything together. Don’t forget about the Christmas tree.

If you do not already know, contemporary wood burning stoves are on the market, so if you don’t own a fireplace, this could be the greatest option to enjoy an evening sitting by the fire and spending time with your dearest ones. Throwing a game night at home and making plenty of hot chocolate, unpeeling some oranges and putting on your favorite pajama might make you forget about all the negative things in your life. Plus, it will be very relaxing and out of routine for your kids. They are the ones who are going to feel most the mesmerizing atmosphere of winter and Christmas. Don’t forget about the New Year’s Eve either. Find some flash deals for fireworks as early as possible because all of the fun stuff you’ll want to get will be out of stock in no time. Make a list of everything you need to buy for a complete set of meals and buy your kids new outfits for the special day.

The same goes for gifts. You need to be very careful when choosing gifts for your kids because they might not like them. Preparing for winter means you’ll have to ask your little ones throughout the whole year what they desire to get for Christmas. This way, you’ll know for sure that what you are buying will put a smile on their tiny faces. As for family activities, try family games, host a winter party, go ice skating in your city, take a walk in the snow, do an outdoor winter photoshoot, visit a local restaurant or whatever may sound interesting to you.

If leaving the city…


In the winter, there are many locations you can try visiting on a weekend or two. Since snow is an all-time favorite for kids, try going somewhere to ski or snowboard. It is a fun winter activity and even if you don’t know how to do it there are courses you can attend to get better at it or to learn from scratch. Plus, such trips are not expensive during winter because there are lots of deals available. Getting up early and setting up a plan for the day is essential since you should spend your time wisely. Try looking for locations that offer cabins to sleep in. You kids will definitely love the atmosphere and you will probably find it amazingly relaxing. Sledding is a great option too, in case you are not brave enough to opt for snowboarding or skiing. The same goes for snowmobiles. There are professionals who offer yours on snowmobiles in certain mountain locations. It is not dangerous, and it will offer you and your kids a memorable view.

Go for the tourist attractions in the city you are visiting. Yet, don’t plan your vacation on Christmas Day because everything will be closed during this period and you won’t be able to enjoy the cultural side of the getaway. You should also ask your kids what they would like to do it every time, so you will avoid them getting bored or too tired. Planning with them might be the best thing you can do. Having friends with you or other family members can be useful for keeping an eye on the kids while doing the aforementioned activities. Again, do not hesitate to take lots and lots of pictures to look back at when you get home. The cozy atmosphere you created at home will wait for you and sit by the fire or relax in your hot tub will end your trip perfectly.

Final thoughts


Even though this might seem like a lot of information to handle, you will surely do just fine and everything will work out as it should. Communicating and asking for opinions and help is the key to spending your holidays as relaxed and beautifully as possible. Family winters are the best since the cold will keep you inside most of the times. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know your kids better than you already do and create unbreakable bonds between you and them. Don’t lose this opportunity and respect the tradition each year. If you do that, your kids will take your habits as an example for sure and they are going to perpetuate it later on.

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