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Cost of Adoption: 5 Ways To Effectively Throw A Fundraiser When Adopting

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Families make the decision to adopt for various reasons but the path that leads you toward adoption does not change the fact that it can be expensive. Out-of-pocket expenses can sometimes even be above $45,000. Do not let the dream of growing your family be halted by the inability to pay. Your friends, family and community members are more willing to help out than you may realize. Here are some effective adoption fundraising methods.

Puzzle Fundraiser

Creating a puzzle fundraiser allows friends and family to donate a piece to your family puzzle. The fundraiser is simple and inexpensive. First, buy or create a puzzle. Then, ask friends and family to buy a puzzle piece for a set price. When a family member purchases a piece, they can sign their name or write a message on the back. Once all pieces have been purchased, glue the puzzle together, place it in a frame that allows for viewing of both the front and back, and hang it in the nursery. The donations of your loved ones will be commemorated on your child’s wall. If you purchase a 300 piece puzzle and sell each piece for $20.00, you can raise $6,000!

Painting Party

A great way to raise money is to have a painting party with friends and family. The cost of the fundraiser includes buying paint, paint brushes and a canvas for each attendee. Each person pays an entry fee to attend. This event is for friends and family of all ages. During the party, an instructor gives step-by-step instructions on how to paint a specific image. You can find an image online and instruct the class yourself, or search for an instructor that has done local events. Often the instructor will lead the class for a small fee or cost per person. You can even team up with a local restaurant that may offer discounts for bringing in a large group and/or donate a portion of the food and beverage proceeds back to you.

Creative 50/50 Fundraiser

There are fantasy leagues for everything from football to popular TV shows like The Bachelor. Pair a 50/50 fundraiser with a fantasy league to increase involvement. Create and commission a fantasy league that gives half of the entry fee to the winner and half to your adoption fund. You are only limited by the number of entries you receive. Encourage members to invite their friends and co-workers to participate. The same idea can be done with a basketball bracket instead of fantasy league. This fundraising idea is simple, free and is an effective addition to activities adults are already doing.

Walkathon or Runathon

When the weather allows, create a walkathon or runathon. Although this idea involves more planning, the cost is minimal and allows for a larger number of attendees. Create an organizing committee consisting of friends and family. The committee can set the location, route, find sponsors and promote the event. This event can be as large as you make it. Not only can the event raise money from each participant, but you can also gain sponsors who will help donate food or merchandise to sell. Furthermore, participants can find sponsors that will support them for a number of laps or amount of time on the track. Pair the walkathon or runathon with another form of fundraiser such as 50/50 raffle and you have a recipe for success!

Adoption Carnival

An adoption carnival is a way to include people of all ages from your local community. This fundraiser does have a small up-front cost, but can have a large return. The carnival allows you to gain money towards building your family while providing a fun and memorable night for others. Find a local company that has rental bounce houses, obstacle courses, interactive games and carnival games. Often you can find companies that will have delivery, set-up, rental and clean-up all included for one price. Contact your city or county about using a local park as well as about any local ordinances that need to be met. Find items from the dollar store to give as prizes for carnival games. You can charge a small entry fee or charge for tickets to each attraction. Promote your event online and in any local store that will allow it. Most importantly -- have fun!

There are many creative ways to raise money for adoption – you’re only limited by your imagination. Some take more time than others but those are often the ones with the potential to raise the most money. When it comes to growing your family, every moment of preparation, every drop of sweat and every tear of desperation becomes worth it the moment you meet your new family member. Taking the time to plan and coordinate fundraising events might seem like a large task now, but the outcome will greatly outweigh the cost.

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Nicole Witt is the owner of The Adoption Consultancy (, an unbiased resource serving pre-adoptive families by providing them with the education, information and guidance they need to safely adopt a newborn, usually within three to 12 months. Nicole has assisted several hundred singles and couples with their adoptions.


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