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Corona, Corona Go Away

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Day 957.

Corona Corona go away
We aren’t meant to live this way
We’re following all the rules
Lord knows I shouldn’t be teaching school

But here we are and I’m doing my best
Thank God there isn’t going to be a test
Oh wait, online quizzes? Ok neat.
Distance learning… can we press ctrl, alt delete?

Every teacher really does deserve a raise
They deal with this crap every single day
And let’s be honest, we’re not cut out for this
No one was prepared for this epic plot twist

There’s a whole lot of boys living in this house
Not to mention working at home with my spouse
I’m hanging on by a very thin thread
Why do these people always need to be fed?

Making dinner for the 87th time this week
I’m pretty sure we’ve set a new Fortnite streak
I can’t wait to eat out again
I’m out of meal ideas – can I get an amen?

Working from home is just not the same
Computer in hand, strategic mute game
Don’t get me started on conference calls
With naked kids running up and down the halls

We’ve already done all the things
Over here binge watching Tiger King
Washing, sanitizing endlessly
Running dangerously low on all the TP

Does anyone know… what day is it?
I swear if I have to calm down one more fit
“I’m bored mom, there’s nothing to do”
It’s ok to be bored - It’s good for you

We know this will pass and normal will come back
Staying home is our way to keep this on track
When it is over and all this is done
I’m going grocery shopping just for fun

Corona Corona go away
We aren’t meant to live this way
It’s fine, I’m fine, we’re all fine
But seriously… where’s the wine?

We got this guys. We got this.
<3 Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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