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Concerned about the baby’s alternative hunge

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When we are hungry, there will be hunger, which is “material hunger”, there is another human hunger – spiritual hunger. Babies have a spirit of hunger? Some! After the baby is born with the rapid development of the brain and extensive contacts with the outside world, not only grow up physically, mental activities began to sprout, and if your baby has “spiritual hunger”, will involve their physical and intellectual development.

Psychological hunger 
The highest psychological needs baby, than parental love, especially love of the mother.When they heard the mother’s voice or see his mother’s smile, not out of the small hand is babbling cried, and even cry to “blackmail” and demanded his mother with open arms. If you need to cuddle wishes are met, will cry a halt, his face along “by Yin Zhuanqing” or even “Clouds sky.” 
In this regard, an American psychologist, explained the baby: When the baby is the mother hold the chest, between mother and child to establish a functional contact with the most comfort – chest on chest contact, the baby’s state of mind does not immediately by maternal soothing and calming the best psychological hunger will be satisfied. The researchers observed 30 minutes after birth, mothers cuddle the baby Jibei later than other babies cry less, sleep better, feed more and more smoothly. 
Not difficult to understand, embrace of the parents, especially mothers of small babies is called a “mental vitamin” to them to form a good mood and personality has a great influence.Therefore, children are usually more hug “feed” your baby the best spiritual food of psychological hunger. 


Skin Hunger 
American psychologist Hart’s monkey experiments show that animals and people are hungry there are skin problems, especially the baby. They are hungry for adults embrace, even if the adults grow up like inviting the skirt or relying on adults, and this is the performance of the skin hunger. 
Skin hunger there risks? Clinicians found that the skin is always in the “hungry” state of the children, often temperament, depression, lonely, love biting lips or bite nails, sometimes inexplicably go to the collision with the head or body wall. Studies have shown that the best eliminate skin hunger “food” is the parent of the kiss, stroke and other intimate relations.According to foreign periodicals reported that children in Europe and the United States in recent years, the spirit of hunger, disease prevalence, performance of slow movements, unresponsive, indifferent expression, the average height is lower than healthy children, age is the result of lack of parental intimate relations. 
Therefore, the parents and children in his spare time to be more contact, such as my hands stroked his head, back, neck, forearms, hands and other parts, the side stories, enjoymusic, watching TV, This is another trick to promote child development .

Feeling hungry 
Had children with people know her newborn baby out of the house, engaged in a vast nature, they show extremely pleased with the excitement, the eyes could not look, mouth constantly babble, two hands kept shaking. What secret? The original nature of sound, light, color, shape and other new things, meet his curiosity and thirst for knowledge, to meet his “sense of hunger.” Moreover, these positive stimuli but also by visual, hearing and other sensory afferent brain, the brain development of more direct and indirect “energy.” 
Understand this truth, we might take this “big issue”, such as in a small bed or crib put a fish tank, hanging a bird cage, or hanging color picture card, or hold the baby directly to the outside view of nature, so that small baby’s vision, hearing senses “eat” eat “drink” enough, so they feel not only satisfied the hunger, but also of brain can be said to achieve both good things. 

Language hunger 
The first string from the child birth cry of the babbling until say a complete sentence, during which only one or two years time. Short time to fully reflect the rapid development of small language of life, and strong expression of the self-employed. They are simply in the race against time to observe, imitate and learn. In fact, this is a human instinct to demand immediate linguisticinformationare urgently needed. 
An interesting experiment was done, the subjects were confined in a room, every meal delicious food supply, but can not do anything, not with the outside world, but also not allowed to talk with people, the results of these people only adhere to a few 3 days and 4 days will be like a fugitive to escape the laboratory Side. This experiment shows that the language is an important tool for the exchange of ideas, of any age can not be separated, so parents should lose no time, active dialogue with the baby.ScienceHome emphasize physical and mental development in babies in the process, the mother’s words almost as important as breast milk has.

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