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Challenge: Open Discussion

Compassion and empathy can go a long way, if you're willing to carry them

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Let's talk about tonight's debate,

but let's not talk about

left or right,

red or blue,

or Biden or Trump.

Let's just talk about how this is a very important year in America's history.

In YOUR history.

In your kids' history, if you have them.

And it's the kind of history that will make the history books -- if books are still a thing that still get covered in brown paper and then drawn on, and if not, it'll surely be a searchable term on whatever futuristic device is the new popular.

Never before, in my lifetime, have I felt my



and vote,

matter as much as it does today.

Never before in my lifetime have I felt such a pull towards a civic duty;

rather than just not voting because

"I don't know enough,"


"I don't pay enough attention."

A vote for your beliefs,

whatever they may be,


means that you have a point of view and you want to stand up for it,

and THAT I can respect.

It's when anyone,

the president,

a presidential nominee,

or another common folk like myself,

decides that it's okay to preach superiority in lieu of extending any sort of understanding or civility.

Not everyone will agree with this. Perhaps many won't. But here's what I believe in:

Bring with you to everything

-- upcoming

holiday gatherings,

zoom calls,

workplace discussions,

friend meet-ups

and, yes, the polls --

your heart,

and if ever you encounter another human who didn't bring their heart with them,

let them see yours, and hopefully,

be touched by it,

inspired by it,

moved by it,

or, at a minimum, let it make them think.

Compassion and empathy can go a long way, but only if you're willing to carry them.

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