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Coming Soon To Your Area: SPRING BREAK!

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Spring-time weather is going to be among us within just a few short weeks. Many who are reading this are probably extremely glad to be hearing these words. With the harsh winter storms that have been impacting so many people across the country, the thought of spring weather is refreshing and gives us all something to look forward to!


As spring nears, many families are often considering making travel plans for their families and friends. Its a perfect time to escape some of the much colder temperatures and venture into areas where the climates are much warmer. One of the most popular destinations for families and friends is Florida because of the many beaches the state offers as well as the array of warmer temperatures.

Do you have a teenager who is making spring break travel plans with friends? As a parent, its important to make sure you are aware of where your teen is going, their plans, as well as the conditions where they will be staying. For many teens, Florida is a top destination- Panama City Beach in particular.

When teens travel to newer locations, like any traveler, its important that alertness and attentive travels are a priority. When commuting to locations that are new and unfamiliar it can sometimes become a challenge to navigate roadways. Reading GPS systems, listening to your phone provide directions, as well as engaging in conversation with friends riding within the car can all be major distractions teens face when traveling for spring break.

If you, or your teen are considering travel plans that include destinations like Florida, here are a few considerations to make:

Traffic Delays

Delays in traffic can cause commute times through the state to become delayed. When traveling from a far ways away, any setback in commute times can make an already lengthy trip seem even worse. Consider utilizing resources like this NavMap that reports traffic delays, accidents, and construction zones.


Make sure there are things planned ahead of time that can keep your passengers busy. These may include games that can be played amongst passengers, light music, and electronic devices that can help pass time. As long as the distractions do not cause too many distractions to the driver, they should be suitable.

Making Stops

Consider planning out stops before you begin traveling. Stopping too many times will delay your trip even more and make the journey seem like its even longer than it should be. Pack snacks and things to eat along the way to save money, instead of stopping at restaurants to eat.

Restful Driver

Your trip might consist of several hours of driving. Some commuters might travel on an upwards of 12+ hours during a stretch of driving. Make sure (if you are the driver) you have plenty of rest before making your trip. A drowsy driver puts all passengers at risk and creates a dangerous scenario for all. Plus, too many coffees or energy drinks can be bad for your health!

Where are you heading this spring? Do you have any plans with friends or family members? Its one of the busiest times of travel in the United States, so its likely that a portion of us are headed somewhere. What are some things that you do to prepare for a trip in advance? Are there things parents can do to be more proactive with their planning?

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