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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Come Together to Invite Acceptance

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We are nearly halfway through April and honestly, I’m sad. I’m sad because so many of us are working to raise awareness, help create acceptance, teach others through our journey and are also living in a world divided.
As a mother, I am raising a child who is neuro diverse. What does that mean to me? It means living life differently than I had before.
It means as a family we give things up, we come together, we work as a team to make our best life and that includes taking all of Seraphina’s needs into consideration.
Autism is a piece of each one of us, in her family. Not one of us isn’t impacted. Right now that piece many of us use to represent autism as a piece of our journey puzzle is being condemned. When we wear blue, we are being told we are wrong.
I hear the actually autistic community and I find it incredible that they have the capability to speak up but, for some our kids aren’t able to-not yet. So, we as their parent we speak up for them, and we hope one day their words, their voice, their self-advocacy will be our reality and so we, as parents, educators, therapists, advocates, continue to use our words and actions to raise awareness not just for us but for you too. Each day we share our story and we ask that you not only speak your truth but hear our voice too.
I’m not opposed to change, asking organizations to move forward to adding symbols to incorporate and make our journey and your journey more complete. I am opposed to condemning others for doing their best to try and help those on the spectrum be seen and heard.
When my sweet girl was diagnosed, I lamented our loss. Of her. Of the child we were raising but quickly decided I had a choice, to wallow and lament or choose to support and celebrate.
As I questioned my own ability, I was told I was enough, truth is, I am, all parents are and yes, you, those of you on the spectrum, you are too.
Let us cease the argument about infinity or puzzle, red or blue and let us not lose sight of the fact we are educating the world for each other and for the children of tomorrow. To those on the spectrum, I hear you, I see you but I ask, you see us parents too!


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