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Colic... it’s the devil.

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Because Imma giver, I give... mostly unsolicited advice.. So, I’m sorry.. or you’re welcome..

What works for colic? Drops, potions, lotions, vacuums, washing machines, car rides? They’re all myths.. and just typing that made me realize just how crazy the lengths, we as mothers will go to make it stop.
Truth is.. nothing works.. but if someone told you to roll around in petroleum jelly, dust yourself with glitter, then run through a crowded mall to make the lamb stop screaming, you would totally do it. Because, that’s just how nutters the sound of a crying, unconsolable baby will make you feel.
Here’s my advice..
Lean in real close..
Are you ready?
Okay.. here it is.
Slap on some deodorant, wash your face, and white knuckle it until you ride out the wave. Someday soon, that bawling baby will board the bus. Then the REAL fun begins. This is just a snapshot of the fun that is about to become your life. I know you don’t believe me, but someday you will wish you were rocking a screaming baby instead of Ubering them around in a snow storm, while one is barfing into a Maxwell House coffee can in the back seat of your SUV..

Trust me... these are the best days of your life... and you don’t even know it. So hang on tight... it’s gonna be a helluva ride.


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