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Choosing The Right Books For Your Children Is An Important Choice In Their Future

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Children’s Books Make A Difference In Your Child’s Life

Every child is like a sponge – they absorb information, and they want to learn. Reading to your child is an important step in the process of building them into their own person. While you might not realize it, every word that you read, every page that you turn, and every illustration they see will – in some way – impact their life later on, whether consciously or subconsciously.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on before-bed story time, right? Don’t worry, the actual practice of choosing the right books for your children isn’t such a daunting task if you go at it with the right mindset.

Stories with Significance

Think back to your favorite stories as a child. What kinds of stories did you enjoy? Were there any lessons learned that stick with you even now? Why were those the books or the lessons that piqued your interest at a young age? And most important, what do those books mean to you now?

While every child is unique and different, it’s probably safe to say that, if a book was good enough to stick in your mind, it’s likely going to do the same for your child. And plus, what child won’t enjoy sharing a story that their parents loved at their age?

All that said, if you’re planning to build up a solid collection of books for your child, there are hundreds of thousands to choose from – and the genres, themes and options available can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick primer on some of the most popular children’s book genres, put together so you can click “add to cart” confident you’ve made the right choice for your child.

Story Books

Chances are pretty good these are the books you think of when you think of children’s story books. These stories help children switch on their creativity and imagine themselves in the stories they read. Not only that, but storybooks are often written with specific themes or lessons in mind, whether they’re about managing big feelings, building self-confidence, or practicing gratitude.


Coloring & Activity Books

Keeping your child busy means more than just placing a tablet in their hands or sitting them down in front of the television. You can keep them busy by tapping into their creativity, imagination, and their new foundation of knowledge with a more hands-on book designed to be written in (because we all know kids have that desire anyway).

Lots of children are tactile learners, and prefer to tackle lessons in gratitude, kindness and more their own way. Coloring and activity books are a great way to foster independent learning and creativity in young children – and hey, maybe they’ll enjoy them more than a screen!

Seasonal Books

When I was a child, my family had a special set of books that we read every Christmas and Thanksgiving. It was a time-honored tradition that still holds a special place in my heart. Why not make that family tradition your own?

Regardless of the holidays you celebrate, there are hundreds of family-friendly books that you can weave into your own family traditions. Whether it’s reading beside the fireplace on a snowy night, or sitting in the springtime sun sharing a story, you and your children will be creating memories that last a lifetime.

Choosing the right books for your child’s bookshelf doesn’t have to be a daunting task – ultimately, your children will remember the lessons they learn and the time they spend reading with you more than anything else. With this quick children’s book primer, you’ll be well-equipped to stock your bookshelves, and ready to start making some family memories of your own.

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