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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Moms, Choose YOU.

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As a mom, it's so hard to find time for yourself. I honestly give credit to every mom with a full time job hustling out there, because I can't find time to do anything, let alone work 40 hours a week. I do it every week... but I’d be lying if said it was easy. It is incredibly difficult to find time to treat yourself!

Self care is not an optional thing, it is a necessity to survive motherhood!

Occasionally, moms, you to need to CHOOSE to take care of YOU, too.

There are so many countless things you have to worry about as a mom, that treating yourself definitely gets put to the back burner WAAAAAYYYY too often, (Don't even want to discuss how long I have gone without a haircut). But we HAVE to find time to do it!

Some small things, that maybe meant nothing before, can truly be life changing as a mom!

There was a time as a new mom, where I had not given my hair any love in probably two years. No exaggeration - and that is just awful. It really got me thinking on how much more often I need to be doing things for myself.

I felt like an entirely new person!

In fact, I felt SO good after that haircut, that my husband & I ended up planning a last minute date night to get dressed (semi) nicely and have a quiet meal together (at Moe's LOL) followed by a movie. It was the greatest domino effect, and that is exactly what I'm talking about.



(Pictured above is a photo of myself, choosing me, and living my best life eating gelato in Italy)

We are so worried about making sure our husbands are taken care of, and their laundry is done, and they have a meal to come home to, and making sure the baby is dry, and fed, and happy, and the dog is protected from fleas, and oh wait you have to pay 3 bills and sit on the phone with the cable company for an hour today, and oh no your husband lost his wallet for the 12th time this week and you need to find it, and now your lawn mower is broken so you live in a jungle, etc! (I know, that was the worst run-on sentence ever) But that's my point! We have to STOP putting ourselves last.

Sometimes taking care of yourself can be something as little as putting on some lipstick and dressing nicely, and whatever it may be just do it. Do it for yourself, because it's not just a physical type thing, it's a mental thing, too.

Don't push yourself to a mental breakdown and get overwhelmed from doing too much for others.

Take care of yourself.


-Amanda @

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