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Ankit Tiwari Diet and Formula for Fit Life.

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Undoubtedly, the fittest Bollywood artists are a source of inspiration for many. Ankit Tiwari is one of the few singers who pays great attention to his fitness, setting the perfect precedent for his fans.

For Singer Ankit Tiwari, fitness is a way of life. According to him, being healthy is central to human happiness and the overall well-being. If you are not healthy, there is nothing you can cherish in life, he says.

Ankit Tiwari has always been a fitness freak. He is a vegetarian and has never indulged in the ill-habits of smoking or drinking. Much like a devoted follower of a religion, he has sworn himself to – FITNESS! But, how does he do it? Let’s find it out.

In today’s time, where we come across almost every other guy obsessed with muscles and abs, he follows a simple fitness regime. Ankit Tiwari practices yoga along with regular exercise and lays great emphasis on the importance of eating clean. A balanced diet is his mantra for staying fit.

“Eating is much more than satisfying your hunger. The entire functioning and wellbeing of our body depends on the food that we eat. Thus, it becomes imperative to eat food with high nutritive value,” he says.

Ankit Tiwari’s daily routine has two hours for exercise and yoga. According to him, there are a number of ways you can be fit without hitting the gym. He strictly condemns the use of supplements, powders or protein shakes for building the body. Ankit Tiwari encourages physical activities like swimming, cycling, skipping, etc., and natural diet instead.

“Get over all the mental barriers, which act as a major hindrance in following a regular exercise schedule. If you cannot exercise or practice yoga, going out for a 30 minutes’ walk can help too,” he said.

Singer Ankit Tiwari starts his day on a very healthy note with a highly nutritive breakfast. It mainly includes milk, nuts and fresh fruits. The fitness regime followed by him shows that it is important to eat food at the right time. Following the correct meal time can bring a huge difference in your overall health, believes the artiste.

He wraps up his dinner by 8 PM. being the last meal of the day, his dinner mainly includes soup and different vegetables. Also, he encourages the use of home remedies for health disorders and ailments. Ankit ends his day with a 20 minutes meditation session to calm his mind. Ankit Tiwari deems mediation to be the most effective medium for connecting the soul and mind.

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