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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Casey Enzo- A Fighter in the NICU for 11 months

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Casey Enzo- Fighter and Miracle

Fighter and Miracle

Casey Enzo was born at 31 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 8 ounces. I was a high risk pregnancy and my son was diagnosed in the womb with TOF (a heart condition). However, the day he was born we found out he had a rare condition called EA (Esophageal Atresia), severe IUGR, Chronic Lung Disease, and that he needed a G-Tube. The first week was the hardest, you have no idea what is going to occur and all you can think about is your baby and why it happened to you. I remember always staring at his monitor and his breathing, making sure he didn't desat or brady. The other anxious part was watching him grow by grams, he had to get his first surgery to receive his G-Tube. We had numerous ups and down, the roller coaster of the NICU but we were also able to bond with our nurses, RT's and doctor's and create lasting relationships. Casey had 11 months of the NICU that involved scary moments where I thought I was going to lose him, holiday's were spent in the NICU and daily tears and cries as I watched my son fight for his life. I remember it was the day before Christmas Eve 2016 and Casey was not doing well, his stats had changed and you can tell he was working harder. That Christmas eve, we found out my son had pulmonary hypertension that affected his life tremendously. 31 days on ventilator because of his pulmonary hypertension, scary moments that didn't allow me to sleep, and waking up with puffy eyes but with strength because I know I had to let my son know why he needed to fight. The NICU changed my life forever, I will forever be grateful for the nurses, doctors, RT's and NICU staff for all the love, hope and faith that they live and breathe on a daily basis. I will never see life the same; the NICU experience made me stronger, both in love, hope and faith. My son is now 1 year's old, since being home for a little over 2 months has been excelling and progressing. Forever grateful for his life and those that made an impact; additionally for the hope, faith, love and strength that I learned as a NICU mom. My heart and prayers go to all the NICU parents, I always want to be a resource for parents going through the NICU and personal experience.

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