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Challenge: We love our pets

Carlos The Adventurous Silly Maltese

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Carlos Minato Jones joined our family in 2013 while we lived in Yokosuka Japan.

This little fur ball keeps us laughing and warms the hearts of so many people.

Carlos has some frequent flyer miles for sure. He has flown from Japan to Southern Maryland to Hawaii to DC. Let's add some road trips in-between, and dude has racked up some miles for sure.

What I love most about Carlos Minato Jones

He's bossy. Dude is controlling like no other. "Why are you sitting on my couch?" Did you just throw your food bowl at me?

He cheers when the kids leave for school. I know, this sounds so bad. But when the kids walk out the door, he runs three circles around the table and then digs his toys out of his basket to play. Then he passes out for 2 hours.

He's always by our side. Carlos is always right next to me as I work and as I get my fitness on. He helps with chores around the house. "GET OFF the laundry! It needs to go in the washing machine!" DadJonz is grilling? He's right there ready for a taste test. The kids are arguing? He's right up there with them barking at them to HUSH! Is someone sick? Carlos is right there to give cuddles.


Carlos Minato Jone s joined our family against DadJonz's will, but these two are best buds now. Carlos doesn't run to greet me and the kids at the door, but he sure does run to greet DadJonz and hops in his lap.

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