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Can You Drink Wine While Pregnant

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Everyone knows that there is a certain number of prohibitions during pregnancy and alcohol is also prohibited while you are carrying your child. On the one hand, since natural wine is considered an alcoholic drink, it is included in the list of prohibited substances. On the other hand, a glass of good Primitivo wine won’t hurt.

Most doctors consider any amount of any alcohol poisonous for both the child and for the future mother. But there is an alternative to this opinion - a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy, may even be useful. After all, pregnant women have always been prescribed a diet, which consisted of half a glass of red dry wine.

Moreover, some studies confirmed that drinking wine (the only alcoholic drink among all) increases the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. And British scientists recently said that a small amount of wine has a beneficial effect on the health of the future baby. However, every woman, who’s on her family way can decide for herself if she wants to drink wine during her pregnancy or she can resist doing it.

Some women can indulge themselves in 50 g of good red wine, half diluted. And they do not experience any griefs of conscience. Whereas for other women, the only thought that "a glass of a magnificent Cabernet can theoretically cause an alcoholic syndrome in a fetus" works as a major deterrent and completely discourages from taking even a small sip.

However, pregnancy is pretty long period of time and there of course can be a desire to take a sip of this beautiful drink. In this case you should know some useful tips. First of all, if you have decided to have a glass of wine during pregnancy, then you should choose only expensive red dry wine. Or Cahors, but undoubtedly high-quality. In very small doses (literally on a spoonful), wine helps to raise low hemoglobin, which is often observed during pregnancy. It has also been proved that with the help of wine it is possible to get rid of morning sickness, in other words toxicosis. But you should remember that everything should be approached wisely, especially when it comes to drinking wine.

The type and amount of drink are of great importance here.

Red wine. There are approximately 4,500 varieties of red wine. Even in ancient times, red wines were attributed to medicinal properties. According to observations, the data show: when drinking wine in small doses, the risk of developing heart failure is reduced. Scientists believe that the useful properties of wine are due to the content of biologically active substances in it.

According to British scientists, the future mother can drink 3 to 5 glasses of red wine like Shiraz wine. The study, which lasted for 5 years, showed that children whose mother moderately consumed red wine during pregnancy, spoke better, knew more letters, flowers, unlike children whose mothers gave up consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

White wine. Antioxidants, which are contained in white wine, are easier to digest. White wine is useful for anemia, improve lung function, maintain the heart muscle.

There is also non-alcoholic wine, in which all flavor characteristics prevail, as in ordinary wines. This wine is prepared, as well as the usual, but at a certain stage of cooking alcohol is removed from it, by heating the temperature. The wine includes tartaric and malic acids. Since there is no alcohol in this wine, it can also be used for medicinal purposes. This wine does not contain sugar. It is removed together with alcohol, during heating.

Some future moms think it's better to indulge in non-alcoholic wine. In general, nonalcoholic wine is considered a therapeutic drink, it is prescribed for gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, chronic fatigue, liver cirrhosis, etc. The alcohol content in it is only 0.5%. However, pregnant women should use it cautiously.

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