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Challenge: It's Good To Be Bad

Brave over perfect, always.......

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As I was listening to a playback for a recent podcast episode of the #fearlesslyfacingfiftypodcast

I pushed pause, not just on the computer, but I started to push pause on this journey.

Here’s what I was thinking?

The volume isn’t right

Why do I say “right” so much

Why do I say “exactly” so much

Is that really how I sound?

Okay - the self doubt was killing me. I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and ready to shift directions, maybe even stop altogether.

Those moments of self-doubt, and losing my focus was actually good old FEAR setting in.

Fee-Fie-Phobia….I had a whole podcast episode and blog post on that very topic a few months ago.

Can you relate?

So…what did I do after I hit the pause button?

I stepped away…..I wasn’t going to let fear stop me. That’s what it wants to do….but I needed to check in with myself. I knew that doing something new, was going to make me wiggle around, and be uncomfortable at times…but that’s why it’s so worth it.

I’m sharing this because I want you to know that at times, I get scared. I tend to overthink something….and start to second guess myself

But you know what….you have to be brave….not perfect!

You have to bold….and take the risk!

We all start at day one.

We all have ‘firsts’

We may have a first episode, or first blog post, or first social media post


First kiss, first date, first born child, first book, first job…’s an endless amount of ‘firsts’

Those ‘firsts’ define us….because they are the starting point of our journey. They're the 'Starting lines' that make us bold and brave!

Don’t be afraid to have an off day….an off episode…..

Courage takes consistency….

Pause if you need to…..walk away for a moment….but begin again…keep going!

Confidence is key….and to achieve confidence, you have to realize that it is a marathon….not a sprint!

Now go do brave things……

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