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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

Body Love? It's Work.

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If you are 32-ish, you grew up like me in a generation that had Lohan, Marissa Cooper and Brittany. “Fashion” was low rise jeans showing off belly button rings, Playboy Bunny tanning bed stickers and hip bones.

And, now, as a generation in our 30’s we are flipping the script.

We didn’t just make high rise leggings a thing (God bless you, Sara Blakely), but we are also encouraging each other to embrace every dimple, honor those stretch marks and own every inch of our rolls.

It’s awesome and beautiful. Reminding each other that worthiness isn’t found in weight and your size isn’t who you are is essential.

But, to just, “love the skin you are in?”

I have found that to be much easier said than done.

I have wanted to raise my little Girl Power fist and said, “Oh, heck yes! I love my body no matter what!” along with others in media and motherhood. But, it would have been just noise.

Instead, I had to do some work.

And, what I found was something I already knew: Love is an action word.

It's a verb. It’s something you do. Friendship love, family love, husband love and even body love… It’s work.

You love friends by showing up and paying attention. You love family by sometimes speaking with restraint and forgiving quickly. You actively love your partner through honest communication. Through acts of service and verbal appreciation. You work together and build something. You choose to come back to one another, even when it would be easier to sulk or quit.

I had to show up, choose and work for my body.

I had to put on my shoes and run. Even if situations were not ideal. Even if it was cold, hot or rainy. I had to wake up in the ungodly hour of 5:00 AM and get the workout in before the rest of my family was awake. I to be more aware of what I was putting into my body, thinking and planning. I had to have bad days, only to wake up and to try again the next day.

I am not "done" and not a size 2. My toddler likes to tell me that my belly is “squishy.” And, those low rise jeans from 2004 will not be on this booty anytime soon. (See also: Never.) But, I do love my body.

I learned I have to love my body with real action, not just pretty words and glowing affirmations. Because just like with any other love, we have to do the work.


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