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Birthdays are really for the Mommies

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I remember the excitement of the days leading up to my birthday as a kid. Counting the days, the celebrations at school, the party on the weekend with friends. I remember the wishlists I would make, and the thrill of ripping open the wrapping paper as if it was my own personal Christmas morning.

It was one of my favorite days of the year.

But now that I’m a mom, birthdays have a whole new meaning. My own birthday isn’t nearly as exciting, but my kids birthdays?

Now those pull at my heart strings in a big way.

I’m now convinced that birthdays are really for the Mommies.

I remember the days leading up to my son’s first birthday. All the emotions that went into it. Looking back on all that I had accomplished in the past year since earning my mom status.

Now that I’m a mom, I have to use all my strength inside to hold back the tears stinging my eyes as we sing the birthday song to my sweet babies each year.

With each passing year, I think back fondly on the day that I became a mom to each of my sons. I remember like it was yesterday the events my labor of bringing them each into the world, and the moments each of them were laid on my chest for the first time. I remember the rush of love that filled my heart as it grew to fit another person inside.

As I decorate for birthday parties in my house now, flash backs of the past years since they came into my world flood my thoughts. I wonder each year how the year raced by so quickly. Speeding up even faster each year.

The memories of their birth story are engraved in my heart, and I beg my heart and my mind to never forget the way they each found comfort so naturally on my chest.

Even though I remember the excitement I felt for my own birthday as a kid, and I love watching my own kids bask in the birthday thrills year after year; I now know the mom secret that birthdays are really for the Mommies. It’s really about all Moms have accomplished to earn the greatest gift no money can buy.

Being their Mommy.

So, I’ll continue to let my babies believe their birthday is all about them. That they are the special ones, but I know now, birthdays are really for the Mommies.

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