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Challenge: Summer Fun

Best Summer Activities For New York City Kids

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Statistics show that 6 out of 10 children anxiously wait for summers to arrive only to participate in their favorite extracurricular activities. Children living in New York City have a special place for summer, as they have so much to do during this season. For instance, they’ll visit museums, take vacations and go on an exciting tour of the zoo to name a few. Similarly, summer is an equally exciting time for parents as they manage some quality time with the children. The question is, how to make the most out of this summer season? There are many ways to have fun during the summer months, but the idea of having all family members and children enjoying together is just priceless. So, how to make the most of this summer with your kids? Here are some ways that help you get the most out of this summer:


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New York is the home to some of the most wonderful parks for children. Moreover, you’ll have a hard time choosing the right one for your kid. From Billy Jason ground to Heckscher ground, these parks offer a plethora of activities for children. They have a dedicated sand area, summerhouse structures, bridges made out of wood and a granite slide that stands 45 feet high. The rocky pathways are always fun to travel on.

Head To The Camping Ground

Ah, the ultimate summer fun is here. Children will always enjoy the warm and soft marshmallows, the experimentation with different dishes over the campfire. Sit around the campfire and tell stories, they’ll enjoy these greatly. Also, do take them to the nearby mountains and start giving those hiking lessons. They’ll enjoy a trip or two to the hills. In the meantime, ask them to come up with innovative ideas about how to improve the campfire experience. Doing so will make them

Take Them To The Exhibit

The 21st-century children are intelligent so taking them to a show makes a lot of sense. Then, the Natural History Museum is a great place to take your kids to as they’ll be watching the scientific evidence of how to turn bodies into mummies. Similarly, they’ll learn a great deal about how and why this process was chosen and preferred by the ancients over traditional burial. Moreover, children will also learn a lot about the latest researches and studies being done on mummification and other historical concepts.

Shop With Them

While you are at the peak of having summer fun with your children, it is time to buy them the best new apparels and accessories they need. Touring physical stores will give them a good taste of what a hectic shopping experience is all about. Instead, why not take them online and explore a world of online stores? After all, shopping online is your first stop to buy quality children apparels and accessories cheap. With coupons and promo codes, shopping clothing and other items can be as affordable as it gets. Sites like ClothingRIC provide coupons and promo codes to make shopping an easy, affordable and fun loving experience.

Mini Golf Course

Located on Long Island, New York, this mini golf course is specifically designed for young golfers. Call it a full-size replica of the original golf course, but despite being small, it still doesn’t lack any feature of the real thing. In fact, it is the perfect place to bring and teach your child the basics of how to play golf. With proper guidance and time, your child may well become a great professional golfer in years to come. Interestingly, New York has several mini golf courses around the city, including one in Long Island and another in New Jersey.


The New York City offers more fun and activity than many states across the country. For instance, during June, New York events becomes home to some activities and festivals like Go Green Brooklyn festival, Figment NYC, City Island Spring Arts Festival and Staten Children’s Amusement festival. Each of these festivals will bring back smiles to your child’s face.
Sprinklers And Water Parks
Children love to enjoy watersports, but during the summers; this like goes a notch above average. With so many water parks and sprinkles around New York City, your child will have a high summer season coming. Pick any of the parks across the city and give your child the best water fun for the day.
Prepare for the upcoming summers and gear up for having great fun this season. There is plenty the city of New York has on offer so avail it to the fullest.

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