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Challenge: Kids and Technology

Best iPad Apps for Kids

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A lot of people say that kids shouldn’t be using iPads and the like, but when used properly, these can be very valuable learning tools. You just need to make sure that your kids are using the right apps, and not just playing games and chatting all day. Of course, they do need some time for play, but even a lot of the games can be educational. Here are some of our favorite apps for kids.

1. Moonbeeps: Fireflies

This is just a fun and simple game that allows kids to catch fireflies, even in the middle of winter when there are none to be found outside. They can catch four different fireflies, each one its own color, and if they tap on the screen rhythmically, the fireflies will tap right back.

2. Elephant Art! Painting Room

This app is for children five and under, and it will introduce kids to the magic of art. But, it is not a traditional art app. Kids are able to use it to turn ordinary objects into paint that they “fling” onto their artwork, so they have their very own abstract works of art they can be proud of. If your kid is using an older iPad and needs to upgrade to use any of these apps, you can sell iPad to make money towards a new one.

3. Blackboard Madness: Math

Teach kids five and under to love math by letting them use this app. Challenges include adding, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even algebra. This is not good for those who are just being introduced to math skills, and is better for children who are already doing some math.

4. Bloom

Kids should be encouraged to love the arts, including music. Help them to experiment with composing their own songs and show them this app. All they have to do is tap the screen to get a note, and then it will eventually begin to loop. The more they tap, the more of their composition appears on the screen.

5. Cut the Rope

This game is for older kids, as it is a puzzle game that involves critical thinking skills. The game becomes more difficult with each level, so it can be frustrating, especially for younger players. But, older kids will love the challenge it offers, and they will also enjoy the other versions, along with a sequel, “Cut the Rope 2”.

6. Dino Tim

When you are trying to teach little ones about colors, this is a great app to use. Kids ages three to six can use it to learn colors, shapes, and their first words. There are many puzzles that are fun and educational, and this game is available in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

7. Sleepy Sounds

This is an app for the iPhone and iPad, and it is great for helping little ones get to sleep. It is a free app, and it will play songs that are familiar to babies and children to tell them that it is time to go to sleep. There are also white noise sounds, as well as sounds from nature. There may not be a lot of sounds, but there all of the sounds you need to ensure that your baby gets to sleep at night.

8. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is another app that teaches preschoolers about shapes, colors, puzzles, and counting. When the monkey opens his lunchbox, kids see a brand new lesson to play around with. They can lose points for wrong guesses, which makes them want to learn more in order to get the right answers.

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