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Challenge: Life Changes

Being a Dad Rocks!

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I remember when my daughter was born, it was a hot summer morning. My wife had been in labor for 25 hours and finally at 9:40am princess Sarah was born. There were many emotions that I still feel when I recount one of the most amazing days of my life. I was so scared and immediately wondered if I would be a good father. Nearly eight years and 2 more children later I would be a dad all over again. The greatest title I hold is "DAD".

Fatherhood made me realize the importance of children needing a positive role model in their lives. Whether is reassuring them when they fail, picking them up when they fall, wiping their tears when they cry or bringing a smile to their faces when things don't go as planned are the amazing moments I get to share with my children.

Our middle child Joshua is simply amazing. He's such a fun child. He's been in speech therapy for a year for a mild speech delay and is making strides. He's such an intelligent and loving kid.

I had to deliver our 3rd child because we didn't have time to make it to the hospital. I was so scared and my wife says "you were so calm". I guess that's what I projected but I was so worried and scared for both my son and wife. By the time the paramedics arrived the baby was wrapped in a blanket but still attached to the umbilical cord. I can honestly say that was the most eventful day of our lives and today Noah is just as eventful as the day of his arrival.

I've suffered from Crohn's disease for over 10 years and it's doesn't only take a toll on me but on my family as well. I've had countless hospital admissions and 3 surgeries and through it all they've been constant. They are the only motivation I need to continuously fight.

Fatherhood has made me a better human being, friend, son, husband and mentor. Everyday I get to wake up to these three amazing kids that are looking to me for guidance in life. There is nothing more satisfying that being called "Dad" about 50 - 75 times a day. The best is when I hear these 4 words "Dad, I love you"!

Proud Dad!

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