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Becoming More Tolerant Within Our Culture

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My father always used to say that we have become ‘disconnected’ from our culture and that we ‘lacked tolerance.’

Most of the people that knew my father would probably describe him as a nice person, and there are plenty of stories about how he would hand out ice cream cones or pieces of fruit to the kids on the street. This is the type of kindness that I feel we have lost these days, and it is not entirely clear that it is possible it could ever return.

I would like some of the values of the past to get more of a fair share in today’s world. Now that we all have Facebook and Twitter, it is not clear that these old world values of tolerance can still have a place in today’s world.

On many days, it feels as though the ‘connected’ world o digital media is not really connected at all. We do not hear each other because we do not want to hear each other. We are simply waiting for our chance to speak, rather than listening to those around us. Unfortunately, this often includes our own families.

I think that if we could become more tolerant of the viewpoints of others, we might have a chance at correcting these problems in society.

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