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Have you ever noticed things may look the same, but once you look a little closer it is obvious there is a distinct difference? This week I noticed a Facebook post from a relative that had a great slogan about disciplining children. I reached out to the person that did the original post and shared that I had seen her post and if she was interested in receiving a copy of my book I would send it to her for a shout out on her social media.

Well, apparently she did not see what I had seen. She responded by stating LOL, me comment about discipline. I took it that she was not interested and I dropped it. Thirty minutes later I could not let it go and shared with her my observation. I said “the reason I took notice of your post was because you were teaching your daughter to speak positive things for her future, which I shared was one of the principles I wrote in my book for raising successful children. She seemed to perk up and responded that she would love a copy of the book.

See we could look at the picture attached and just say that it shows trees. However, there is obviously several trees that are turning for the autumn, and there is an evergreen tree that will seemingly stay green year round. Sometimes it is the same with the way we interact with others. We can be communicating to others in a way that carries a positive effect or conversely in a way that seems fine to us, but in reality there could be a slight adjustment that would make a positive difference.

A part of discipline is teaching our kids to speak for the positive effect. Sometimes it is a lesson we have to learn over and over. Case in point, a previous post says “I think we can do better”. It was brought to my attention that a more aspirational phrase should be used. So I have changed it to “Doing Better Together for the children”. It looks like it is the same thought, but the latter is much more inspiring than the original. Sometimes it may take a book to illuminate the difference, sometimes it is a kind friend willing to share from the heart. Thanks Deborah!

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