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Band Aid's and tooth fairy money...ARE reusable!

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Let's start with band aids.. My kids use them from everything to hide the marker they drew on the wall, to keeping strawberry shortcakes hat in place. They also use them on scrapes, black and blue marks and any other body part that is NOT bleeding. So, when I'm out at the grocery store, or the movies and someone gets a cut from God only knows what and begins to bleed.. I've been known to rip off a bandaid from a child wearing one, and slap it on the gusher! The only problem is the stares I get from the first time mom with the hand sanitizer necklace and the cart protectors.

The tooth fairy money... Let's face it.. Every single time I get into bed.. I remember the tooth fairy.. (Sorta like that freakin' elf on the shelf!) So I developed a way to make it easy. I keep a 10 in my nightstand. The same 10 I give and have been giving to all my kids for the past.. Um, 14 years. (Gosh if my 19 year old is reading this.. Her jaw is on the floor.) It works. They get up, are super excited, I tell them to give it to me and I'll put it in a "safe place" and I do.. Back in the nightstand waiting for the next tooth. I figure it all evens out in the end.. I always end up buying them what they want for way more than what the tooth fairy leaves when we go shopping, anyway. The only caveat I've found is when I had 3 at the same time losing teeth...

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