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Challenge: Get organized!

Back to School Organization: The Underwear Purge

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Oooh, underwear organization. Sounds fun, right? :-) *hence the sarcasm*

Every year it seems like my kids completely grow out of all the clothing they wore the year prior and need an entire new wardrobe.

Parents, I know you can relate!

My kids begin school next Monday and so far I have completed school supply and shoe shopping. This rest of the week I'm focusing on getting the kids into a set evening routine and washing and purging clothing (shoes, underwear, pajamas, and summer clothes).

Aside from the obvious outer clothing, I buy new under clothing annually. Before doing so, I go through my kids underwear drawers and get rid of everything that looks too small or has holes or looks worn out.

This process will more than likely last me all week because I have a lot of washing/folding/putting away to do and majority of my daughter's clothing is currently at her dad & stepmom's home since she has been staying the summer with them.


This is some of what we decided to keep so far from my daughter's underwear drawer. She didn't want her underwear bottoms in the picture.


I should probably be ashamed of this, but I'm most definitely not. Boys will be boys and parents like myself will sometimes ignore sights such as this to avoid stress.

I'm so not looking forward to this (the boys drawers) today, but somebody's gotta do it! *sigh*

*Brag-worthy: I painted the dresser (a couple years ago), drilled holes and added the drawer pulls (earlier this year) my self :-)

Post-purge I pass my two eldest clothing onto their younger siblings; ZJ's, to my youngest son Gabe, and Phoenix's to her younger sister through her biological father. When Gabe outgrows his clothes (majority stay in good condition) I give them to my 2-year-old nephew. The clothing that looks worn I cut into square-sized dust rags or trash.

I trashed a lot of my oldest son's ankle socks because he wore them down pretty bad this summer. I bought him two 6-packs of socks from Famous Footwear. That's also where I purchased their shoes for school.

Thankfully, this year my mother offered to buy them new underclothes, so I'm very grateful for that! She comes through offering her assistance every year.



I'll share each day's progress with you as I go at Feel free to join in on the purge & prep! :-)

So, enough about me! What are your back to school organization plans the week before school starts?

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