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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Autism Awareness Month

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April is Autism Awareness Month...

A month some people say is to Celebrate Autism and Diversity. For me, I’ll just stick with the Awareness and Acceptance part.

It’s hard to celebrate...


In my family, we aren’t the “emotional” types. We keep it together and even in the worst of times always try to find the positive rather then ever just letting go and showing our real deep feelings.

I remember sitting with my dad at IHOP one morning, just talking about life and the always my dad was telling me how thrilled he was with the progress he had seen since his last visit.

I opened up a little about my worries for the future and how that would look for Logan in particular.

It was at that moment I said it out loud...

“I doubt Logan will ever be able to even drive a car...”

I could feel the gigantic lump in my throat and no amount of blinking could stop the tears from poring down my cheeks...I think neither of us had even thought about that and both us us were just quiet.

Crying like that Infront of my dad, saying those words out loud, ....was one of the worst days of my life.

Today at 19, it’s true.
Logan will not be able to drive a car.

He wants to....badly!
He wants INDEPENDANCE so badly....
I want it for him...BADLY.

This type of Autism is hard to celebrate.
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