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As a country "I Believe we can do better"

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(This is a heartfelt reflection on why I wrote a book as well as an promotional appeal.)

My new book comes out next week on Tuesday July 10th.

Also on that date, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife!!

The title is: FROM NURSE to DRILL SERGEANT to CHEERLEADER, parenting roles to raise successful children.

Over the past ten years I’ve started and stopped this book several times.

However, I’m not sure where to start now when it comes to getting you to buy a copy.

If you have a sense of faith, the inspiration that I received one day to write a book from three different people within 3 hours may do it for you.

For others, it may be the knowledge that a person who hated writing was able to complete a book, or that it took 10 years to get it into eight chapters.

I have had so many suggestions on what I should do that I should probably have 10 books by now. It has been hard to silence some advice and take what seems to be a chance with others. This letter being a prime example.

The silencing moment has come and I now feel a peace knowing that what those 3 voices on that one day inspired is complete.

I feel that this is not just a book, but rather it should be a movement, a revolution, a wake- up call to the community. All communities of parents who wish to invest into their kids lives.

This project has not been about us reflecting on our accomplishments, it is more about reaching back to help parents fulfill the roles that their kids need.

We as Americans live in the greatest country in the world and in turn should not have the health crisis of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure that we currently face.

Our children should not be a receptacle for any violence that a developer puts on a video game or that a producer blasts on television.

Our teachers should not have to discipline students as young as kindergarten that have just left home like there was no parent present at all.

Nor should teachers have to come to a graduation and only see 45% of the class walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma.

We are full of resources, medical professionals, social workers and many to help and in America we should see better results with our young people as a whole.

Yes, I would like for my book to be a success, but more than that I would like whoever told those three people to tell me that I should write a book to be pleased that I did and tried all I could to get it read.

So next week my new book: From Nurse to Drill Sergeant to Cheerleader come out.

If you feel like we as Americans can do better, buy a copy for yourself or give it to a young family as a gift.

If you feel like this will make a difference, copy and paste this post on social media. If your friends get mad I can take the heat.

Thanks for all your support!


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