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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Anyone else annoyed as $#%* that corona is still very much a thing?

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Anyone else annoyed as sh*t that corona is still very much a thing?

I know this is very effin' blunt and probably really obvious to many that maybe it ain't even worth being said, but it is worth being said because I want to flippin' say it and what I want to say is that





thorn in my side, and I'm peeved about it.

Peeved enough about it to pointlessly rant about it.

Because sometimes word vomiting releases from your system the sh*t that needs to get out, making room for the 'ish that is supposed to keep your internal soul-housing system (and you) running...





and hope.

Anyone else annoyed as sh*t that corona is still very much a thing?

That's okay. Me freakin' too.

And perhaps just acknowledging that fudger

-- the giant elephant eternally residing in the room --

and the lame arse fact that it is seemingly here to freakin' stay for a while, will make its presence stank just a bit less?

I'm wondering?

I'm hoping?

Because I think when there ain't nothing you can do about something, except all that you're already doing, you just talk 'ish about it and deal with an adult.

It's either that or you cry about it like a child, and can I let you in on a secret?

[That's okay, too].

Hugs, all.

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