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Dear Sweet (13-year-old) Baby Girl,

I so often look at you and ask why? Why were you chosen to battle this beast of anxiety that hijacks you so quickly and frequently? Why was this enormous burden placed on your young shoulders? Why does your infectious laugh and kind heart get trampled by sadness and insecurities? Sadly, I will never have these answers. Daily, I wish that this cruel illness was miraculously removed from your life, but nothing is ever that simple.

Six months ago, you hit the lowest of lows, a true rock bottom. Through a dedicated treatment plan and your perseverance, today you are once again finding joy in your life. You are like a butterfly. Until recently, you were wrapped in a cocoon of anxiety, unable to free yourself from the darkness. Slowly, you have emerged, your wings still wet, unable to fly freely. Each day, your wings become drier, allowing you to gain freedom from anxiety. I can finally picture a future where you spread your colorful, unique wings and soar to whatever adventure you chose.

Each person’s path in life is seldom straight…and your ’s often looked like a roller coaster full of ups, downs, and loopy loops. Definitely not an ideal path to follow for a young girl. Moving forward on your path, while it will never be straight (how boring would that be), it will be navigable. I can confidently say that you will fight whatever demons you encounter head-on. All the goodness that finds you along the well is well-deserved.

Anxiety will always creep in and out of your life, but will no longer be the enemy. You have the tools and confidence to see your way through the bleak moments. Your family will always be here offering patience, love, and time. You will no longer be a slave to anxiety, rather a triumphant winner flying around making the world a better place.

I am proud to be your mom. You are everything I had hoped for in a daughter…kind, funny, loving, intelligent, and unique. Life is brighter and louder with you in it. I love you more than words! Never let anxiety define you, never give up, and never for one moment, think you are not capable of greatness. Find joy each day and soar!!!!!!!

With Love,


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