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Challenge: Parent Fails

There's just so many...

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Oh, the mommy fails. There are honestly too many to count. Some are humiliating, some hilarious, some are a big "uh-oh" or "why didn't I see catch this sooner", and some are just an all-too-honest glimpse into our real life that we try not to spill all over the place in public.

There was the time I let my 2-year-old "play" in the pantry with the door shut. She was having fun. I was busy, and the end result was flour in every crack and crevice of the pantry, and all in her hair. I learned my lesson with that one. But, she certainly loved it. I honestly had to laugh a little when I caught her in the act.


There was also the time I decided to try and save some money but cutting my son's hair. This was that "uh-oh" moment when I realized I got a little to carried away with the clippers. Let's just say there aren't too many "after" photos for several months.


Then, there was the time I told my daughter, "you're fine" after she took a pretty decent tumble. Yet, I still didn't get it after 2 days and kept telling her she'd feel better soon. Eventually, on day 3, we decided to just get her wrist looked at and, sure enough, she had a buckle fracture. Big mommy fail. That was definitely a "I should have caught this much sooner" moment.


Finally, there was the all too "hot mess" glimpse into our lives recently when I thought it would be a great, funny idea to film our trip to the National Air and Space Museum from our toddler's perspective. Well, we certainly got "his" perspective, alright, and it's snotty and slobbery all over the whole museum. I actually didn't realize just how much of a mess we were until later when I was watching and editing the video and noticed my 3-year-old in the background picking her nose while my 1-year-old slobbered all over the hand rail. Yeah, real cute home video we made there... (p.s.You may want to wash your hands extra well next time you visit a museum).

Here's the full video I made for family and friends:

So, while I am certainly not proud of all my massive mommy fails, they do make for good learning experiences (never cut my child's hair again), humbling perspective shifts (take my kids aches and pains more seriously), and funny insights into my kids lives (I think I now know where our stomach bug came from this winter...).

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