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Challenge: Back to School 2021

An open letter to the mom sending her unmasked kids to school this fall

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An open letter to the mom sending her unmasked kids to school this fall:

Please rethink your decision.

And, if you do, and you come to the same non-masking conclusion, I just ask this of you…

Please encourage your child not to mock mine for wearing one.

Your kid is following your guidance, which is to trust that corona isn't going to be the thing to take them (or anyone close to them) out.

And mine is following mine, which is to be wary that it just might and to be understandably cautious


And just in case this reminder hasn't made its way to your feed or ears and isn't one you are regularly conveying to your child — my kids' peer — here it is:

We're all just doing what we think is right and encouraging our mini-humans to do the same.

Do you know what will forever be "right"?

Accepting, respecting, and loving people

as they are,

as they come,

and not how we want them to be or only once we convince them of what we believe.

Another school year tainted by corona gives each of us,

parents and students and even administrators and teachers alike,

another shot at proving just how capable we are of putting our dissimilarities aside and our strength at the forefront,

zooming in and focusing on what it is we do have in common in order to grow

-- not just in relation to education but us as ‘whole people’ humans living as close to harmony as possible with one another.

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