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An Open Letter To My Baby At The Close Of His First Year

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Dear Baby,

As we enjoy together the last days of summer and send Big Sister off to Kindergarten, I find myself reflecting on our days passed. I cannot believe how much has changed over the past year. Our family has grown from a tribe of three to a flock of four, and we are so grateful. The end of your first year is nearing already. So much has happened, and yet it seems like the past 12 months have flown by.

This time last year I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, planning and preparing for you to arrive. I was completing my nesting during the hot summer months in anticipation of your September due date. The nine ten months of gestation seemed to be never-ending. The combination of struggling to stay comfortable in my new body during the unbearable heat, along with wanting so desperately to meet you, made the waiting difficult. As I anxiously counted down the days to your arrival, it felt like time stood still. Now, I can't understand where the time has gone.

As we soaked in the sun on our first family summer vacation together just a few weeks ago, so many thoughts raced through my mind. As I thought back to last year, I was in awe of the changes in our lives and in our family.

I thought to myself, "Last year this time I was sweating by the ocean, my belly round as a beach ball, with you kicking and rolling inside me. This year, I am sweating by the ocean as I try to keep you contained from rolling across the sand."

I thought to myself, "Last year this time I was exhausted from merely walking the steep incline of the sand dune as a pregnant lady. This year I am exhausted from lugging both a baby on my hip and the piles of beach equipment that have increased exponentially since last summer."

I thought to myself, "Last year this time all my attention was focused on one little person as she splashed in the edge of the sea. This year I watch as that little person plays alongside another who is enjoying the sand and salt water for the first time."

I thought to myself, "Last year this time I was mommy to one little spitfire with a contagious grin. This year I am mommy to that little spitfire plus a round little cherub with a smile for days."

I thought to myself, "Last year this time I thought my heart was full with mommy love. This year my heart feels stretched to its limit."

And, I thought to myself, "Last year this time I didn't truly understand what I had always been missing. This year I realize that what our family needed was you all along."

It is so very true, you know. We have experienced so many beautiful changes in our family since you entered it, and I cannot remember what life was like before you. I am thankful everyday that you are in our world.

What a difference a year makes, Little One, and what a wonderful year it has been. Happy birthday.

Much love,

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